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Entrepreneur+ is a custom-designed program aimed at providing young people with the tools to develop and launch their own business. 

The 6-month program covers 6 key modules which provide a blueprint that can be applied to any business or idea and each successful applicant will have a fully operational e-commerce site (and if applicable an App) to help launch, develop and scale a business or idea.
Learn to spot and create opportunites
Create a
shop or product 
Find and create customers
Learn to navigate social media
Learn to

The Entrepreneur+ Schedule

Month One

Idea Selection

✔  Idea Scrutiny  

✔ Cost Analysis 

✔ Research 

✔ MVP 

✔ Test ​

​✔ Corrections 

✔ ​Product Tree

Month Two


✔ Social Media

✔ Organic Traffic 

✔ Paid 

✔ Influencers

✔ Media Outlets

✔ ​Off digital platforms  

Month Three


✔  Website 

✔ Social Media

✔ Email 

✔ Facebook Business Manager 

Month Four


✔ Goals & Targets

✔ Daily/ Weekly Mgmt

Gain Results

Month Five


✔ Evaluation of Results

✔ Troubleshoot  

✔ Pivot or Scale  

Month Six

Business Success  

✔  Basic Accounting 101 

✔ Troubleshoot 

✔ Pivot or Scale 

All you need to create a successful business! 

Startup Development Team

If you don't have an idea yet, don't worry the entrepreneur+ program will help you develop products and services...


6-Months Salary

Your Own Website

Marketing budget 

6mth mentoring & training

Entrepreneur+ isn't some bureaucratic training scheme. This is a dynamic program formulated to get your ideas out of your head and into the world, FAST - taught by people who have;
Image by Humphrey Muleba

For Entrepreneurs

By Entrepreneurs

LaunchedA range of products and services direct to consumer with some of the biggest brands and platforms in the world.

RevenueGenerated £millions in revenue

MarketingProven experience in promoting products & services across key social media and e-commerce platforms.

PromotionHave had multiple products featured on major national TV channels, newspapers, magazines and adverts viewed many, many millions of times.

The Team

de picture_edited.jpg


David completed one of the first degree's in Entrepreneurship available in the UK and has almost 3 decades of start-up experience under his belt. Start-up's span technology, insurance, financial services, and lifestyle including partnerships with major brands including Uber, Ratesetter, John Lewis and charity-led initiatives with Dog's Trust, Shelter, Trussell Trust and the Pink Ribbon Foundation. He has developed propositions that have changed UK law and has extensive e-commerce experience launching direct-to-consumer products that have had extensive on and off-line coverage including being featured on TV with one of his products. 



With no qualifications, Christopher relied on his sales and customer skills to excel in life. He owns several businesses with revenues into the millions operated completely with a laptop, mobile phone and wifi! His knowledge on the fast pace movement of social media and advertising is unrivalled and takes time out his busy schedule to mentor budding entrepreneurs. 



Jay Crawford aka Mr Focus is a professional speaker, trainer, and natural storyteller who orates on a variety of topics including leadership practice, growth mindset, and the art of negotiation with a compelling narrative. An important fellow of the world-renowned organisation Toastmasters (whose past fellows include Les Brown, Napoleon Hill and Tim Allen) Jay Crawford explores the driving forces behind success underpinned by a focus on self-awareness and perspective shifts. Jay will be providing essential support to the Entrepreneur+ cohort over the 6 month program.



Charlotte owns a successful LinkedIn marketing business as well as recently launching an eCommerce brand selling bespoke laptop bags for women, Charlotte will be coaching and training our entrepreneurs to understand the power of personal branding and marketing on LinkedIn.

DSCF1143 (1).jpg


Em Huckstep is an Online Business Strategist for freedom-seekers. Always one to throw out the rule book, Em approaches business with a mentality of finding your own way to build a successful brand, without using copy and paste methods. Em made six figures in her first year of business and has supported hundreds of small brands across digital, product, and service-based industries. Em comes with a decade of experience working in Marketing, Branding, and Communications. Having left school at 16 with no higher education, she believes that with hard work and the right strategy, anyone can build a successful sustainable business.



Katie brings a wealth of experience across brand, marketing and PR across health, beauty, retail, fashion and celebrity brands.  Katie's last role was leading retail marketing and later social media, content and the brand and PR strategy for a major high street retailer, supporting over 170 stores as well as a successful e-commerce business. Katie has also created brand guidelines for global brands to support their growth and development internationally. With a passion for brand marketing and PR, Katie is able to effectively build brand plans to support strategic growth and build customer loyalty through her understanding of connecting brands with their target audience. 



David has over two decades of experience in finance and real estate and started his career in 1996 and is currently Managing Director of Charles Irvine - a boutique property investment company. Prior to founding Charles Irvine, David served as the Head of Corporate Finance at Savills Investment Management, where he joined as founding partner in 2004. David's transaction experience totals equity financing of c £1.8bn, debt financing of c. £1.9bn, and M&A advice involving AUM of c. £16.4bn. Previous to his post at Savills Investment Management, David held positions at Close Brothers, the UK merchant bank, and Deloitte in the UK. David is also a prolific investor and enjoys working and mentoring with start-ups. He holds a Bachelors Degree in Psychology and Neuroscience at the University of Manchester, and is a Chartered Accountant.

Our mission is to help young entrepreneurs develop and launch their businesses providing them with the tools and blueprints to help themselves and the wider economy.
Our purpose designed program can be applied to any product, service or idea and spans all social media and e-commerce channels. 
Image by Austin Distel

Are you ready to launch your future? 

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